Spring 2022

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VIBE's second printed seasonal edition.


Mahima Kapoor – AN ODE TO MY (QUARANTINE) LOVERS | Tasneem Maher – Barter Secrets • what in heaven • Post Mortem Four Years After the Fact | Sana Mohsin – In Toronto, reading Virginia Woolf • Carsonick | Charlie Baylis – pink mink • w else can i tell you about mermaids u don’t already know | Danae Younge – Shelf Life | C.M. Jones – Stoplight (Soundkeeper) | Lauren Milici – WHAT I AM ABOUT TO DO HAS NOT BEEN APPROVED BY THE VATICAN • I THINK BURT REYNOLDS IS THE KIND OF GUY WHO KEEPS THE LIGHTS ON | D.R. Humble – Dwarf Planet | Smriti Verma – On Fractals | Stephanie Valente – in naxos • galaxyite | Zein Sa’dedin – death wish | Sophie Furlong Tighe – Ultimate Attention • Postcard of Paul Henry’s The Potato Diggers • Vomiting, Sneezing, Mangos | Ava Chapman – walk around the fucking block • birthplace • poem where my mom & i go to the moon | Amlanjyoti Goswami – After Makeda Bizuneh, The Roofs in the Moonlight | Jon Conley – I Have to Go to CVS | Ren Gay – trailing weeds • synthetic polymer • take my love | kyrah gomes – sage green summer | Ren Koppel Torres – Telegraph to a Constellation | Leah Kindler – golden shovel at daybreak • Portrait of Downtown Crossing on a Tuesday • Keeping Score | Nick Edinger – Look, I Can Explain

Continued Journeys: An Interview With Matt Mitchell – J.B. Stone | To Build a House For Your Poems With Your Own Hands: An Interview with Prem Sylvester​ – Shivani Lalan | ON UTOPIA (and energy, and swimming) with BRIE KIMBLE: an interview assemblage – Deirbhile Brennan